Lyrics 3 Hardaway - TG Flockaa (Ft. Dougie B & Thunder Bklu)

Hop out don't run, don't trip
Tell the opps they could suck my dick
I'm with Thunder so it's lit
First opp that we see gettin' put on his shit
Smokin' on dead niggas got me coughin'
All these dirty opp bitches lost it
Line who? Bitch you off it
Yeah I be smacked but I always move cautious
Ayo cuzzy, what's the vibes?
Why these pussy niggas not outside?
On they block, smokin' Rah
If I catch lil' sh-, that nigga gon' die
Fuck that, everything dead lil' nigga
Crack out, hittin' niggas in they head lil' nigga
Yeah I'm 5th to the Sev lil' nigga
All black, we gon' put you to bed lil' nigga
Dumpin' on anything, yeah we doin' that
Big DOA, add a K then we boomin' that
Wait, try to run where you goin?
See a opp, I'ma keep on throwin'
Suck my dick, I don't show no emotion
If you say you a killer, then you gotta show it
Like what's up?
Are you dumb?
Bitch wanna fuck, then I'm bringin' my gun
Fuck top five, nigga I'm top one
Nigga fuck top three, niggas bother me
Niggas scared of me obviously
I'ma do what I want, ain't no stoppin' me
Niggas pussy, all they do is hide
Smokin' Mexi and the Rah
You ain't do nothin', why you lyin'?
Lotta niggas fake, you could see in they eyes

First shot, so I gotta move smart
Ayo TG who that? He duckin' by the car
Like play your part, don't get sparked
Please don't play wit' Stacy, she gon' make it dark
Wit' the whales and the sharks
Gotta walk with the iron like my name is Stark
Like we spin thru', won't shoot afar
And I'm clickin' this shit, but this is not a clock
Like, free all the ooters, nigga free the Flocks
Any opp they see, they gettin' shot
And we all livin' good in the spot
Better duck your head, 'cause we got the drop
Like watch how I flock it first, he cannot block
He keep droppin' the set, so we got seven shots
Niggas stupid, cause if he lackin' he get rocked
I'ma geek on the track, I'ma geek wit' the Glock
Like watch how I flock, if he swervin'
Brodie he driftin', speedin' from the cops
We stompin' and sneakin' lookin' for the opps
He not movin' correct then fuck it, he get got
Need a Glock with a switch no drummin'
It's a DOA party, we don't do the gunnin'
Nesty he saw me, nigga started runnin'
I'ma flock out the heat and toss him out the oven
some pain and we still goin' crazy
Bro in the cut, he gon' clutch like McGrady
Gotta move cautious, this shit got no safety
Gun got a kick, how the fuck he gon' phase me?
Opp thot in the cut, tryna face me
Brodie on offense, he shoot like he KD
We catch him lackin', we doin' him crazy