Lyrics Honeydew - DeeDaVamp (Ft. Yeat)

I got mad crickets in my phone
That shit be laggy
Scooby-dooby-dooby-doo call me Shaggy
In the back with Osama, we up in Iraqi
Tell a dude in the back, call me Maggie Simpson
You know we be pimpin'
I'm not tryna stir my cup, I'm with my cup with henessdiction
I might pull up to the scene just like a motherfucking
Turn down the light
Call me Mike Tyson
Yeah, we gonna fight
I might pull up with the fucking Sprite
Get it all the right
Get it right, get the fucking twight
You a Dwight, bitch

I'm so high off this Oxy, I bet I couldn't even steer
I feel like I'm up sideways, where'd you get the molly?
I'ma put that Wock' up in my cup, don't put no Jolly
Yeah, the way she riding dick just like you ride a trolley
I was in New York, two years ago, I was at Barney's
I had Wock' up in my cup, this shit so purple, just like Barney
Feel like Pluto, feel like Uzi when I'm talkin', brand new Marni
I had money on me, baby
So come, come get it off me
I got these rackies on, come get it off me
I can't talk about this shit, 'cause it's too federal
I can't wait on a bitch, I got a schedule
I'm on a race with the game, I'm way ahead of you
I always in that, been first place, come win this medal, boo
I can't believe these bitches drop it for a hunnid, dude
She ate on my dick, say, "This taste good, just like some honeydew"
Go and get a bag, and you can see what all this money do

I put vaseline up on my penis, woah
And I'm taking flight way out to Venus, woah
And I am a motherfucking genius, woah
Suck up on my PP, suck up on my cock
Bitches get me harder than a motherfucking rock
I just pull up, Christmas time, I'm boutta fucking rock
Jingle bells, jingle bells on my motherfucking cock
I just pull up to the scene in a big body Tonka
You know I'm spitting all this bars like it was Willy Wonka
And I just pull up to the scene in a brand new Benz
And I'm fucking on your ho, and I'm fucking on your friend
Yeah I got bitches everywhere like fucking front and fucking back
She sucking on my sack
Bitch, I'm black
Hit you with the hacks
I like fucking on your bitch, I smack her booty with the black
I like fucking on your ho like I was fucking Mackin'
Hit this bitch, I'm going fucking stupid
Bitch I'm going fucking crazy