Lyrics Disturbed Freestyle - AJ Tracey (Ft. Santi (UK))


Certified Santz, my brudda I'm loco
Punch a pussy up, guarantee the coco
We don't talk so ease up with the po-po
If I'm with them they're real but I can do this on my solo
Switch it up then bitter up and down like yo-yos
Certain little clowns better bounce like pogos
You only die once so mind your step, no YOLO
What you mean no? I take rings like Frodo
And if I creep in for the evening
Lord already knows I don't need a bed to sleep in
Grim reaping anyone who got them keys in
No time for speaking, paws down and we squeeze it
Buck him in his head and ask him where the weed is
We're creatures, blood-thirsty and leaders
Cleaners, empty out a drum within reason
For treason get seasoned with no eating

Your team's full of bums like a rap vid
There's no time outs when I slap kids
I grind for the dough like a prostitute
Piff gyal see me, they're in a hot pursuit
I'll make a kid sit like assembly
Your mandem are fake G's, Wembley
I'll make you drop a box like a care pack
My don's like a DJ cah he aired that
Man are ready for the beef, they don't need to roll
We'll go check out his address while he sleeps at home
Run up on a good yout', take the weed then roll
I'll make a nigga move out like a Cleveland Show
See I let the bitch go cah I don't need a hoe
I forgot about the beef, I ain't need the dough
Then my nigga called up like 'It's peak my bro'
I said let's holler at the dargs for the Greaze Patrol