Lyrics Con Dios (Interlude) - Bodega Bamz & The Martinez Brothers

Where's the weapon?



Maybe there's a gun in it

Who do you work for? The gang?

No, it's just a bible, where's the gun?

I don't have a gun, I'm a minister
Where's my ordination papers?

You always carry ordination papers with you?
What are you trying to hide?
David Wilkerson, that your name?


What are you doing here?

I was trying to get permission from the judge to help those kids

With what? New evidence?

Alright, stand up now
Watch, I'll go see what the judge wants to do about it

How do you think you can help those kids?

I've got a whole church full of people praying for them

Hey man, the tennis club is down the block
You stumbling around in my turf

It's ok, Chance
These the people they dragged out and beat up for trying to help the Egyptian king

Yeah? That's cool, cool man
Smoke my peace pipe

I would -

Suck my peace pipe
Have a piece of my pipe
Have a -

por dios, quieres aquí?!

What are you doing with that joint?

I like it, it makes me feel sexy!

Do you want me to embarrass you by slapping your face?

You can't act like you own me

Get out of here!
that grass blue

I wanna stay!
I wanna be a , I wanna be a

Look! Look at them!
You wanna be like them?
You wanna do what they're doing?

I gotta start doing it sometime, why can't I do it now?

Tell all the men we have arrived
We are the chosen people
We are the bishops