Lyrics Writing Exercise #2 (Remix) - Chance the Rapper (Ft. 10KNYX)

Writing exercise number two
Write from your most creative self
The fable unfolds, the prin-
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

The fable unfolds, the prince is coronated at home
Foreign states sent robes ornated in gold
The poor fated sore losers all hated their roles
They played it perfectly, I couldn't make it alone
My city, my throne, my chair is the bean, my lair my home
And fair is the queen, it ain't fair, I inherited liens
But my house stands straight, I'm the sturdiest beam
Heavy the crown but steady the vision
Eyes wide open, ears stay ready to listen
The petty decisions I left at the city's discretion
Skyscrapers are the throne on which I stand
I'm the African man, I stand on sovereign land
The spaceship is quite heavy so it rock when it land
A rocket ship is just a boat that takes off at a slant
I need a co-signer for a ocean liner again
Got a crew and a plan we can go dock at the sand
Look for a sign, I'm in between the line and the tan
At the closest point again, we'll be back here again

Chance, 10K
At the closest point again, we'll be back here again (Laughs)

Gotta remain humble
Kenny said he Elohim, peep the energy
I make this thang crumble but sitting with stomach rumbles
Straight outta Ableton
I’m able to slay, fumble, then get up for 8 huddles
Keep in like 8 mumbles then get it, I can’t stumble
You gotta wait for your reign, seeing some late puddles
Having some music debates
It’s slick insane how they get a chain, fame, and a name
And forget they cousins, seeing the snakes subtle
I shave the fake, it’s a great stubble
We do the race, Tay K quotes
Saying we alike cuz I got a regular fro
Writing with life on display
Watch it like cable
Thinking of Pops saying “Oh” but it ain’t no regular show
Knowing I’m ready to go
But my eyes glued, time slipped from me
Benign news, hope I get money
The prime fuse, the grave shift coming
Unless you Nas, Jay, or B Bunny
B Rabbit, Sorry, Em, Lovely day we having
Don’t bring hate ‘pun me
You can’t take from me
Uh, 10K