Lyrics Imase - nagisa (English Translation)

  • Artist: English Translations

  • Release Date: 2023-05-26

(official Japanese lyrics are not yet released. This is based on a transcript based on Pop over fan cam when the fan cam was allowed. This will be updated with official English lyrics when released)

And now you are in love with me
My heart is racing. I can't move
I can't walk alone
Hold me, take me to the beach, take me out

Feeling my body is sweaty, distracted
Ripples in my trembling heart, this feeling won't end, won't it?
Tonight is just ours, just the two of us
(One, two, three, four)

Dressed in neon
All people dressed up
I don't feel at home

I ended up dropping at my favorite bar
(missing lyrics - TBD)

Unsettled feeling

(missing lyrics - TBD)
I can't be noticed
I want to be noticed
If you would turn around notice me

I will stare at you
With one glance
I'll catch you
I'll make you fall for me

And now you are in love with me
(missing lyrics - TBD)
You can't tell her
The time has gone
We are missing the last train
We're both cuddled up on the shore
Yesterday, (missing lyrics - TBD)
Tonight is mine and mine alone

I'm driving the car with the cityscape at my back
The radio that I missed
I'll turn it on at 2:00am
Turn up the heater
There's a night breeze

The light along the intersection
Together with the love accelerating
And a relationship that can't move on
Turns into magic

I wake up early to the news paper
(missing lyrics - TBD).nightmares
I have to go home
And that's for the super scoop
Sinks in
Lingering scent
Till the day I die
I want to stay
(missing lyrics - TBD)
Take it off

Our eyes
Clinging to you
Clinging to each other
I don't want to say goodbye
(missing lyrics - TBD)
Let's say I call you

I'm serious
My fingertips are numb
Why the warmth?
I'm not pretentious
Hey, did I put on sleepyheads?

Now you're looking at me like I'm the one you love
My heart's pounding, I can't move
I've been hiding my tears
I've been so lonely
I'm so lonely

I'm really frightened by loneliness
My heart is beating so high I can't (missing lyrics - TBD)
Hey, you're mine

Seven-colored fragrance
In the lukewarm spring breeze
Today, too, in the cool
The lights are changing