Lyrics Who is Alex Trebek? - Nerdcore (Ft. Beefy, Dr. Awkward, Dual Core, Jesse Dangerously, MC Frontalot, MC Hawking, MC Lars, Mega Ran, Mikal kHill, Richie Branson, Sammus, Schäffer the Darklord & YTCracker)

Losers in other words?

Well, I think...sure

I tea- I tea- No I'm teasing you, I'm teasing you

Suck on it, Trebek. Suck it long and suck it hard

Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
You can suck it
Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
And you can suck it
Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
You can suck it, Trebek

Hey, Alex, I'd like to buy a vowel: Oh?
We're the misfits of which you've run afoul, bro
I Double Dare you to Press Your Luck with us and our crew
Let's Make a Deal or No Deal, you brought this Family Feud

And please forgive the vitriol, because we get a bit bombastic
When it comes to Jeopardy!, well I prefer Dan Patrick
Call us losers then back track it like ya didn’t really mean it
On a show that’s made for geeks
Yo what ya think we wouldn’t see it?

Yo Alek Trebek you best check your neck
You got no respect for the nerdcore set
While we don’t forget, we've been known to forgive
So if you genuflect we might let you live

Yo, I heard you called the squad nothing but losers
Well the only thing I lost was a couple of tumors
While we on the subject I think you lost your mind
Like your moustache man you really crossed the line

Seems ill advised to diss a group of backpack rappers
Flipped the script bunch of fans are black hat hackers
I’m the IT Manager, audio daily double
WANparty of MCs that‘s bursting your bubble

I used to come to Jeopardy! to learn more stuff
Now you best to not be messin' with my nerdcore buzz
Ride the wave if you can catch it grab a surfboard love
Oh we stole your demographic? This a turf war bruv?
They said you callin’ me a loser, that’s news to me
O’ you mad you lost more viewers than there used to be?
You mad I’m brighter than some fireworks from Jubilee?
And I do math while spitting fire rocking two degrees

Double degrees our daily double to the maximum
Copper conducted into platinum YTCracker hacking 'em
The fact that I'm still defending fans when they laugh at 'em?
Dual Core let 'em know how nerd life attacking 'em

Something's rotten, never forgotten
Knowing losing isn't an option
The greatest undefeated champion of the game
His name is Watson
Up in the news, dropping the clues
Setting the record with a new score
"the coolest rapper ever", duh, who is Dual Core?

Trebek! You're not as clever as you endeavor to seem
Hope somebody scribble ‘Loser’ on the podium screen
Doubling your Daily dis dose cause you’re just that wrong
You still look weird without your moustache on

And - and you haven't worn it for a while
But, still looks weird
Put your moustache back on

What is a bully? A phony? A know-it-all with all the answers? Who is full of baloney and only always condescending?
Who's the meanest Canadian plus the cheapest comedian?
Who left his lane and jumped the median?
Heyyy, we're only teasing him!
The reason I’m reacting isn’t that you called us losers
We are!
We based a genre on it, flaws can all be used as PR
But you were rude to Susan and it goes to show how little you
Know, pal, it's really a joke: YOU HOST A TRIVIA SHOW, ALEX

And what did you expect when you’re making fun of guests?
Joyful smiles that you wreck here’s a song for you Trebek
But I’m really not upset - in fact I’m quite surprised
The first press that we’ve gotten since? When? 2005?

Alex Trebek you lost a lot of respect
I gotta check you off the rip for coming outta your neck
Talking sideways about nerds, you a trip
Guess you hadn't heard
Geeks make up half of your viewership
Nerdcore is home to some to some serious lyricists
I'll break it down in a format you're familiar with
This host gets roasted on SNL - yearly
Hosts a show for nerds and doesn't know that - clearly
No one likes a know it all, condescending blowhard
Easy to be snarky when you're holding all the note cards
Susan got the last laugh and the cash
You're good at any show, it's a lifetime pass

Giorgi, you should start thinking before you speak
Your achievements are watching smarter people succeed
But losers, my dudes, maybe he wasn’t wrong
‘Cause we did spend all day making this fricking song

I mean, I'm not the only one who sees this as weird, right?
I mean, this is weird even by our standards

Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
You can suck it
Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
And you can suck it
Trebek, Trebek, Trebek
You can suck it, Trebek

No, I'm teasing you, I'm teasing you

Suck it, Trebek