Lyrics Ex’s and Oz - Headline

(I fall in love too fast)
Yo, this goes to miss blushy face
The one that used to cuddle as she kissing me
The way she left a hickey on my neck and cheek
And taught me how to do it right properly
The opera be about the girl with brown hair
Half my size. how's the weather down there
They gave her trouble. I just tell her I love her, my baby
Never wanted to be leaning for something I can't reach
But I'm here again. The position that I'm always in. That's it
I get home, hit the bed and fall asleep first
Cause my dream world's better than the real world
And it's the only time I see my girl
Only time I actually can call her my girl
The world keeps spinning on me. It keeps moving as I'm falling apart
Me going back is just a shot in the dark
Hallmark cards and sitting back at the bar
Distracted by that look you gave me back in my car
Like we ain't been shit
Like we ain't been nothing. You were faceless
I guess it's high school girls right? I thought she understood me
Misconceived the whole time. From both sides. I was so blind
I guess it was all lies

It was our time
At least I thought, now we changed minds

We just sat and watched friends. Proceed with caution
Undid your strap with one hand
Louis Armstrong playing, laying back as we kiss
Shit, I'm moving backwards again. Blasted. Son pass me the piff
Transcendental state of mind. Coming back in a bit
Laughter, just happens to lift. The joke is I ain't happy for shit
Mind your P's and Q's. Nice of you to prove
Our love was just a lie so I'm hanging off the roof. Dangling
I've lost my brain and shit. What irony, my kryptonite is this
A mannequin is all I'll be
One that walks and talks, performing music to see

I got a date with destiny, I had to let my girl go..
I was running late, it's my fate to let the world know

Little to no remorse given. Hit the block button
Deleted her image. Now I'm finished. It's time to meet my vision
Life would be so easy if I never met these bitches
All their promises broke open like my wishes
Wish I wouldn't call you what I never thought you would've been
I guess it's hard to understand right
We didn't find a plan for this, but your damn right. Your damn right..
Your damn right. Your damn right. We didn't plan for this. but you're damn right

Seems I'm sitting online
Every instance I'm missing those figments of our old relations
I've always been wishing. We could've been something different
For instance were distant. guess it wasn't meant to change
Got single admission. got our whole lives ahead of us
I'm viscous with vision. They want me to change
We'll I won't bare the submission
Ask me why I'm here, yo I'm barely still living. Barely still living

(Beats for days, beats for days x2) *static
Beavis and Butthead:
Hippie Teacher:
So have you guys decided on a mystery yet?
Butthead: Umm. No. We're not going to do it
Beavis: Yeah, yeah. It sounds too hard
I just like to relax on the weekend, you know?
Teacher: Come on guys, this should be easy
There's mysterious things happening around us all the time
There's people who have become rich and famous
Just from solving mysteries. For example, this morning. Would there be
Anything you didn't understand, or found interesting?
Butthead: Haha, he said morning wood
Beavis: Haha, yeah he did didn't he? Morning wood


That 70's Show:
Kelso: Listen, what happened with me and Laurie got me thinking, and
What she did was really a betrayal. And it hurt, so much..
Jackie: So you want me to feel sorry for you?


The Boondocks:
Huey: OW!
Granddad: Mmhmm. Ya having that dream where you're making them white people
Riot again aren't you?
Huey: But I was telling the truth!
Grandad: How many times have I told you, you better not even DREAM
About telling white folks the truth. You understand me?
Shoot. Making white people riot
You better learn how to lie like me! I'm gonna go find a white man
And LIE to him right now