Lyrics VORANAH & Dazzlar - In a World of Ash (English Translation)

  • Artist: English Translations

  • Release Date: 2023-05-26

In a world of ash, with crimson blood I weep
A realm unyielding, though I wail and cry
Beside me none remain, in guilt so deep
At first, they feign to care, yet still they pry

Slowly, my flesh is peeled, and droplets fall
Deeming them tears, I find it comforts so
I yearned for secret touch with you, through all
In vain, as time denies, a silent phone

My world turns ever cruel, a bitter strife
In murky downtown streets, no glance my way
From apathy, a wrath is brought to life
My greatest foe, you shroud the insult's play

In shattered shards, my image lies, forlorn
I feign unknowing, as my hope's outworn