Lyrics Freeze Corleone - L’homme méthode (English Translation)

  • Artist: English Translations

  • Album: Freeze Corleone - ADC (English Translation)

  • Release Date: 2023-09-11

S/o le Flem
Huh (huh)

I chop it it's like OCD, I bring the pain like Method Man
Nigga, in my parking gotta get Rolls Royces and period Porsches
I'm not on my first attempt, s/o the Chef, Cuban links are the only thing my neck are build for
I'm higher than eleven Eiffel towers
Every 16 huge bars only, undeniable talent s/o Roselyne
French rap, I'm like antibiotic, every beat I bring big guillotines eh
Opposition, I can't see them like acarids, I pull up racist like five aryans
Gotta get more dough than Qataris
I turn up with the scythe, I get three points with the foul
Punchlines only nigga I feel like Luffy with the Afro
Beat cadaver with every 16 done, opps are Philip packs
Time is money nigga, Rolex, Audemars et Philippe Patek
Freeze, Anelka, penalty, Panenka
Al-Mazrah with the M4, consuming more gas than M4's
I see them like big samoussas
Talk money, I answer: "When? Where?" Nigga I gotta build that empire like Mansa Mussa

« - So to quote him about slavery: "We whip them hard like slave traders", "20.18 in Libya, they sell niggers for 150k"
Not to huh mention what he says about politicians: "Our parents used to scare Himmler, Hitler, Macron, Rotschild, Bernard Kouchner", "I pull up lit like five lamps, gotta burn every pedophiles like Jack Lang". So he does take shots at everyone, controversy is his bread and butter
-No actually is bread and butter is... »

8K rhymes with the ray-tracing
From the kickoff I put pressure, I can't see my money get lean
Coach Chen, I got strategies like Doc Rivers
And I got plans like I have to escape from Fox River
In their songs, more caps than a New Era factory
When I get in the booth, I ice each beats shooting all my raps
You pull up looking like Emile, nigga I pull up a la T-1000
Butcher work like Benny, number 1 like Penny
I've finished this game easily, I start again in New Game Plus
They've been outdated for a while like PS2 or GameCube, ah
We start early we end late (End late)
In front of the cage like Dimitar
I see them as little as escargots, I pull up heavier than seven cargos
Nigga my account gets bigger, gotta have more cash than at Wells Fargo
I pull up New York like Fivio, on the turf like Flávio
QBC like GOD, I can only see clones like BOB (BOB)
Racist like Damien Rieu and Bruno Attal (Bruno Attal)
On the wrist, I need a studio at Cannes
Prohibited lines in my paragraphs (Paragraphs)
I pull up like Wembanyama at the Draft
Armoured doors, strongboxes and counting machines
I got Conte's tactics, I know who I can't count on
The end of times approaches
Zuukou stashes bullets in the cross, they wanna know what's in my pocket (In my pocket)
The further I go, the more I see signs of end time
Still far away but I do see peaks, ADC like I see Sims (I see Sims)
I'm searching but can't see like Stevie Wonder
Mastered it like I practiced millions of hours
You wanna see someone kick it, shit's guaranteed
S/o the 8, shit is wack it's just slowed down (Just slowed down)
I know listening to me get them fucked up
Bars after bars like I'm building a railroad (A railroad, a railroad)