Lyrics Flames of Hell - Black Rain Ent. (Ft. C-Mob)

  • Artist: Black Rain Ent.C-Mob

  • Album: Helloween EP Part 2 - The Rise of Satan

  • Release Date: 2010-10-26

I get money with the zombies
Buy my product from the mummies
Welcome to the Flames Of Hell
Ghouls and monsters lurkin' with me

Light some verses out the bible
Ask Jehovah for a witness
Black Rain, you turn to ashes
How we cleanin' up the business

Comin' from the land of zombies
It's yo boy Mac Montese, huntin'
Lookin' for a ghetto mummy
But she can't get nothin' from me
Smokin' Thrax, servin' sex
Keep the devil up on my back
I got a million ways to murda
Haven't you heard us on this track?
Dead man can't do no talkin'
Bitches they keep on walkin'
If I see you after dark
Oh my god, it's like I'm stalkin'
Walkin' trough the Flames Of Hell
Oh well, le'me get a light
I blaze the blunt up on this track
And drop this hot shit on a mic

Yeah, dead man walkin'
Voldemort, Voldemort
Slytherin stalkin'
Gryffindor, Gryffindor
Sasquatch is my uncle
And Satan is my father
Hederick get his ass blown
And proves who don't follow
Taught murders in my basement
... Dumbledore
A pitchfork in the fire
(?) inspire, do not ignore
Black Rain execution
We tootin' and body bruising
So unless the streets elective
They shootin' and never loosin'


Shovin' the decomposed body in back of the trunk of the cargo department
I bury the corpse way back deep in the forest
I smoke in a whip with the Venom and Carnage
I give 'em a 360° kick to the chin with a 'gator skin boot like I'm fuckin' Chuck Norris
Tyrannosaurus, the rex with a tec will (?) neck, you will not eat your porridge
Lords the (?) that ever recorded, the vocals are ported
... can't be avoided
My mind's on distorted where (?) torches

It's so hot these niggas runnin', who the hell gon' hear they cries?
Pour some acid on yo skin and watch it cook like curly fries
All these bitches chasin' cheddar, tryin' to come up on the mack
Shove a pistol in your pussy, blow yo belly out yo back
Funny how they slip away, ain't no mountain high enough
Cuz we sellin' crack in powder packs, Bill Franklin who we trust
I can't lie, I hate you niggas and you never get respect
From a G like me, you be wanna be, too scared to even test


I ain't gotta stunt nigga, I'm with a helloween junt
Heard the world goin' green so I roll up another blunt
Catch me ridin' past muffler, pounds in my muffler
In a scuffler on you bustas yea you suckas like (?)
I see Satan mane, these angels be hard to trust
I don't see danger, it's just Slim and my nigga OG Dangerous
We don't play games so why you try to play with us?
Got choppers, niggas turn you zombies into angel dust

Spit fire and brimstone
If hell freezes over, motherfucker, better have your Timbs on
Now big grown
Too old for the bullshit, mentally I live up in a grim zone
Yo kids gone
If you fuckin' with my family - dammit we gonna make 'em all die
Cause in the calamity, I can't get a grip on my sanity
Got ya panicking when you look into my eyes
Screams and cries
Echoe trough the middle of the night
When I'm pullin' out the Mossberg pump
Ready to deliver yo body to the abyss
With the ghouls and the demons where the things go bump
I ain't no chump
You don't wanna fuck with C-Mob
I got plenty much game to sell
If a motherfucker wanna try to run up on me
Grab the heater
Imma make 'em feel the Flames Of Hell