Lyrics Balut - Doja Cat

  • Artist: Doja Cat

  • Album: Scarlet

  • Release Date: 2023-08-22

Uh, uh, why?

It's like takin' candy from a— (Rattle, rattle)
Ride a coattail, this isn't my fourth meal
Dishes on my ass, still, I'm thicker than some oatmeal
Glasshouses, I don't really like to keep my stones there
Oh, well, I'll buy another property for four mil'
Doorman said that you gon' have to leave your phones there
On a boat, yeah (Boat, yeah), it's really no fair (No fair)
The only problem that I have, and I'll be so real
I hit the stage and lose the crystals on my toenails (Yeah)
Make the whole meal, Shaquelle it like an O’Neal
Makin' more bills till I cop the mobile
Can't drive 'cause I really don't need to
Got some professionals, they're really nice people

Uh, ah
Uh, yeah