Lyrics Intergalactic Disco (Altair Arrange) - Interlunium

  • Artist: Interlunium

  • Album: Intergalactic Disco

  • Release Date: 2017-12-25

Let’s go dancing far into the galaxy
Fly to the moon and then to me
I’ll light up Pluto, Venus, Mars and Mercury
Before I think to leave
I’ll get a one way ticket out into the cosmos
Leaving behind the Milky Way
Picking a star to take me far to where I wanna be
Riding on the rays

And if you come with me
We could go explore each constellation
See the universe and explore a foreign space station
Flying high above the night, watching our planet as it spins
I have hope that you’ll follow me
But I start to wonder if...

It’s yes or no, won’t you come along?
The look in your eyes says take me with
So tell me, what will it be? (So what will it be?)
Come escape with me and you can see
Space right here by my side, the summer triangle guiding us
And that's when I hear you say (when I hear you say)
That if only for today, let’s dance through the stars

Let’s go dancing far into the galaxy
Take my hand as we fly away
We’ll pave the road we’re taking
No need for a guide to take us on our way
Giving the passing planets names like ‘Aristotle’, ‘Rogue’
And all kinds of silly things
We’re finding faces in the meteors that fly by
They’ve no time to stay

It’s like it’s meant to be
Following the path that our starlight had shown
Hand in hand, we fly to what’s beyond all we’ve ever known
Your face illuminates all the dark, empty space around
Shining bright second to the sun
And I start to wonder if...

This might be love, we’re soaring the skies
Exploring unknown far, far away
We have adapted to this (adapted to this) intergalactic reality
Yet, you’re here by my side, traveling through this nebula
Shining brighter than the moon (brighter than the moon)
I can’t speak but I want to
I'm in love with you

Next to me, I can see your eyes that land upon the night
Sweeping over me, I see it’s the end of our journey
Let’s head back
I was right in that there's no way that gaze was for me
Then as I prepared to head back, I feel someone grab my hand

You look at me despite all the stars
Despite all the moondust in my hair
Then you smiled at me and said (smiled at me and said)
“Can we continue this odyssey?”
So with stars in our eyes
Let’s fly through the glowing galaxies
Taking on a world so new (on a world so new)
And I’m glad that it’s with you
We’re dancing through space

This feeling's still new (this feeling's still new)
I hope you can feel it too
I'm in love with you