Lyrics Michigan - Noah Reid

  • Artist: Noah Reid

  • Album: Adjustments

  • Release Date: 2022-06-24

I was drivin' to the border
I was sweatin' in my car
I was thinkin' about my problems
And how small they really are
I was listenin' to music
I was cuttin' through the land
When I came across a roadblock
Only members of the band
Past this point, rolled down my window
Asked 'em what’s the way to go
They said their ferry had been shut down
Since the world fuckin' exploded
So I drove along this channel
That separates the land
With a mask around my neck
Sanitizer for my hands
And as I drove across the bridge
I thought they might not let me in
But then I thought about privilege
And the color of my skin

And I was headed for my sister’s
And the sun was goin' down
And the I-96 freeway
Was as quiet as the town
I saw somethin' on the shoulder
It was the body of a deer
And within another mile
There was another one appeared
And then another and another
And I’m thinkin' about these trucks
And do they aim for them on purpose
‘Cause they think that it’s good luck
And man I probably saw ten bodies
As if one was not enough
And I was thinkin' maybe someone
Could at least come clean 'em up
And I was listening to Kendrick
Thinkin' deer sure got it rough
And I was thinkin' maybe someone
Could pretend to give a fuck

And I’ve been thinking pretty hard
About the state of Michigan
And how hard it is for anyone
To change the state they’re in