Lyrics Legendary - Louverture

The legend is back heating up like a sauna
To stand even near me bitch that is an honor
Got blades like Bi-sharp cut you down like Katanas
Registeel on my hip bitch you don't want the drama

The pulse of a dragon bitch call me Rayquaza
Spit dragon pulse to you, now you seeing Allah
I'm training like Ash tryna fuck up some commas
I overheat niggas: my voice causing trauma

Your girl ass 'Slurpuff' her tits really puffy
To survive this onslaught you gotta get lucky
My presence so Ghastly these niggas can't touch me
Bad bitch bitch look like Misty and she want to fuck me

Matt told me step it up so I'll demolish, abolish
I'm reading their moves like a comic
Ya'll ain't on my level I'm just being honest
My flow going stupid I call that shit Onix

Dripping she a water type, and her pussy hella tight
Uxie bitch yea I've always been the cunning type
My looks they astonish, be working and plotting
Legendary like Darkrai I'm never forgotten

Arceus I am god to these peasents, I father ya brock better head all my lessons
Officer Jenny.. I smash ain't no question, I rain down my fury from every direction
I am the king in this bitch word to shofu I'm crushing these ants with my thumb
Niggas be thinking that somehow they near me the truth of the matter that you is a runt

My nigga I'm just started I'm Lugia bitch cause my flow is uncharted
Like Mewtwo I'm regarded as truly as monster that niggas can't pocket
All of my shit go retarted, everyone else I've outsmarted
Everyone slept on the kid but I won it because I always work the hardest