Lyrics Heresy - BAEST

  • Artist: BAEST

  • Album: Venenum

  • Release Date: 2019-09-13

Infernal citadel
Illuminated reddened in this depth of Hell

Monolith rise
A monument arrayed in its gloomy might

Desolate halls
A vacant realm beyond these faithless walls

Doleful sighs
Enters my skin and heart

Envy the creation
Vanity rise
Eternal immolation
Heretic demise

The towers of heresy shall impale the sky


In their graves they’ll forever burn
Tombs set ablaze
For their sins are deliberate

Eternal suffering
In graves in flames we lie
For our infamy

Crimson tongues
Licking our carnal skin
In its myriad throngs

Ravenous pyre
In hatred immolated
For our burning desires

Infernal regression
Spirits ablaze
Burning possession
Won’t you burn with me?

Flaming incantations
Human travesty

Heresy, won’t you come and burn with me
Heresy, in the city of disbelief
Heresy, act of ungodly treachery
Towers of heresy shall impale the sky

Liars shall beg
Liars shall cry
Oh towers of heresy
Impale the sky

Ashes of their screams
Blowing in my dreams
Oh towers of heresy
Impale the sky

Daughters of blood and remorse
For their sins are deliberate

Luminous Master
Purveyor of darkness and great disaster

Devouring flame
Awaken the forsaken of the unholy name

Entombed we lie
Our souls shall burn in pride for eternity
For eternity