Lyrics Paint job - Cedric Wilson (Ft. ​billy woods & MarQ Spekt)

Came out the land like reconstruction
Repercussion, the Reaper coming!
Beeper flooded, acid backed up in the gullet
Still did the Douglass
She with it long as we not seen in public
Liars who know each other can be trusted
Up late, peelin’ that onion
Like “If I can’t have her, why should her husband?”
Indeed these trees surely somethin’, surely somethin’
Ain’t no black Good Will Hunting
Kid, you’ll be a janitor showin’ up blunted
I already know my *****, I done it
I’ll do it again, done worse for a couple hundred
Pride gets swallowed when it’s room in your stomach
When money owed and you both know you duckin’
Slippin’, caught the summons loud like clipping
Copped the onions
Came right back and you probably hoped I was just fronted

Thought he lost it caught him the knick of time
They criticized knowing damn well they live a lie
They getting high while tie ribbons in the sky
No petty crime just spit that grind so exemplified

They don’t want war but war was here before waitin’, patient
But when the day came, ran through him like capsaicin
Bleach water washbasin, burn your hands and face

The break-in was a simple plan like Watergate
Come on in, the water’s great!
Fell out over loot, that’s how these things usually do
Unfortunately, I’m used to it, so I thought you knew
(thought you knew)
Have you on that Birdman payment plan
That Haiti and France
Layaway so long, kids lookin’ like “damn, damn”
Shit look old than a mufucka
I live in the moment, it just isn’t now
Fuck up so bad, errybody like, “How?”
Erry face like howl
Still got the nerve to ask why I don’t come around
Woke to the bay and a hound
She asked me to lie back down, five more minutes
The letters come from prison
Seething with fear and rage
Talkin ‘bout love the way one talk about hate
Talkin’ bout fate
Talkin’ ‘bout she got a decision to make
She asked what I think
I said, “When is he out, and did he mention my name”
Self-preservation the name of the game